War Stories

"Can the foot soldier teach anything important about war, merely for having been there?
I think not. He can tell war stories." 
Tim O'Brien, If I Die In A Combat Zone 

Pathfinders by Paul GreenThe War Stories are a series of one-shots, each exploring the background of one of the series' recurrent characters. To me, they represent an opportunity to broaden the focus of the comic and take a look at the stresses and environments that could produce the kind of people we'd be meeting in Starship Troopers. Essentially, I wanted to find out what would inspire someone to rise to the very top of the Federation's military elite, and to show what it takes to get there.

Backstory work gives me a chance to use characters that might have already died, to tell the stories of supporting characters and non-Troopers who would not take centre stage in the main storyline, and to explore the society of Starship Troopers from differing perspectives.

War Stories:

Starship Troopers #11 War Stories: Tasch
Call of the Wild: Private Tasch Unleashed!

Starship Troopers #11, War Stories: Tasch. Cover by Neil Van Antwerpen and Peter-David DouglasA full year before the events of Starship Troopers: Bad Blood, Private Naomi Tasch turns rogue when her Neodog partner goes MIA. As the planet around her falls to Arachnid infestation, Tasch stakes both her career and her life on a ferocious display of the loyalty and strength that will one day make her a Vandal. War Stories: Tasch is an explosive new one-shot from writer Cy Dethan, featuring blistering artwork from the team of Neil Van Antwerpen and Peter-David Douglas.

"Talking dogs with laser guns. Some things you just never get used to."

Script: Cy Dethan
Pencils, Colours: Neil Van Antwerpen
Inker: Peter-David Douglas
Letters: Thomas Mauer