The Ragged Man

"You save worlds the same way you end them – one inch, one hour, one life at a time."

Alone and despised, the Ragged Man drags himself through life with the weight of murdered billions on his shoulders. Hated by the world and everything in it, his body is a prison to a race of monsters. With every skin cell he sheds, with every drop of blood, a tiny piece of their reality escapes into ours, and a tiny piece of our world dies.

Who do you think you are?

The Ragged Man Coloured Sample Pages 

Pencils and inks by Neil Van Antwerpen, Colours by Peter-David Douglas

The Ragged Man by Cy Dethan. Pencils and inks Neil Van Antwerpen. Colours Peter David Douglas


The Ragged Man is a fast moving, violent character piece. It’s a psychological dissection of a man whose fear of failure is so great that he levels a world to accommodate it. Insane with grief, his self-hatred grows so all-consuming as to become a physical character in its own right, but the Ragged Man’s single-minded retreat into denial continually thwarts his own redemption. Reality is layered and fractured in the Ragged Man’s world, a world in which he clings frantically to the role of martyr, simply to deny his position as monster.

Story: Cy Dethan
Pencils and Inks: Neil Van Antwerpen
Colours: Peter-David Douglas
Letters: Nic Wilkinson

The Ragged Man is currently in production with Markosia.