Starship Troopers: Markosia on-going series timeline

Injured Vanauken from Bad Blood by Paul Green

The Starship Troopers ongoing series takes place after the events of the Blaze of Glory, Dead Man's Hand and Damaged Justice arcs, and is set in the same "world", so occasional cameos may be seen.

The individual arcs of the Starship Troopers ongoing series will generally follow a linear timeline, but sometimes the stories may find us moving "sideways", to see parallel events. Equally, individual stories will occasionally visit the past, to better understand what brought the characters to this point.

This also means that each story (whether a full arc or one-shot) can be read as a stand alone story, or a "jumping on point" for the series.

Of course, the stories do build on each other, and reading all of them will mean you get more from them, but if you just want to dip into one book about one type of adventure, you can. You can start at one end and work forwards, or back, or start in the middle and work out. The rest of the universe will be there, should you want to know more. Whenever and wherever the stories are set, though, they will fit into an overarching chronology, which will be kept up to date here.

Timeline by Story Arc

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