Layer Zero

Insomnia Publications’ Layer Zero project is an anthology book showcasing creators with a wide range of styles and approaches, but all dealing with a common theme.

My work has appeared, to date,  in Volume #2: Time and Volume #3: Choices.

Waste: A Story of the Road Not Taken

Layer Zero:Choices. Volume 3. Cover by Scott James and Jason MillettStory by Cy Dethan, art by Ben McLeod, letters by Nic Wilkinson

Waste appears in Layer Zero:Choices

Phrased as a sort of “ghost story”, Waste is about a man whose own future comes back to haunt him.  The theme for this anthology was “Choices”, so I wanted to paint a picture of a man who almost lets a mistake in his past destroy him. However, the very crisis that pushes him over the edge ends up offering him the one thing he’s been denying himself all these years: a second chance.
Ben McLeod, in addition to being an immortal Highlander, knocked me sideways with his artwork on this story. The script called for a lot of tight corners and restrictive angles, but his storytelling is rock solid and visually perfect. I seriously want to work with this guy again.


Remember This Moment

Layer Zero: Time. Volume 2. Cover by Paul GreenStory by Cy Dethan, art and letters by Nic Wilkinson

Remember This Moment, is an attempt to build a narrative with the internal structure of a magic trick. In a former life, I supported myself through performing magic. I won’t trouble you with the morbid details of that here, but suffice it to say that magic and storytelling are much closer relatives than they might appear.