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The Starship Troopers ongoing series from Markosia follows the story of the elite pathfinder unit, Vanuaken's Vandals and their formidable leader, Nichola Vanauken. The Starship Troopers universe is vast, so for those who want to know more, SICON has flagged the following non-classified items as suitable for public consumption:

For more information on the Arachnid Threat see the Bug Report, also in this section. 

Dr. Getty

Dr Getty from Starship Troopers: Bad Blood by Paul GreenHead of the research facility on the planet of Farsteldt, Dr Getty is passionate about his work and endures the spartan conditions of the off-world colony with a measure of fierce pride.

SICON is expecting the synthesis of chemical weapons from Getty's operastion. However, while Farsteldt's methane jungles are a rich source of weaponisable agents, Dr Getty is more interested in the huge possibities afforded in the fields of medicine and propulsion.

When the Farsteldt facility came under Arachnid attack, SICON moved quickly to intervene. Due to the dense terrain and unconventional character of the raids, Pathfinder deployment was approved.

Getty's latest investigations seem to have uncovered some kind of symbiosis between the Bugs and a previously unknown alien host species, possibly native to the jungle planet.

"Were they, Lieutenant - or were they simply defending their territory?"
Dr Getty, Bad Blood part 2

C.H.A.S. Unit

CHAS Unit from Starship Troopers Bad Blood by Paul GreenTHE C.H.A.S. (Cybernetic Humanoid Assault System) stands nine feet tall and weighs in at half a ton. Its titanium-reinforced superstructure houses the equivalent weaponry to a squad of troopers and is controlled by a bio-enhanced logic matrix with humanlike cognitive abilities.

Although no soldier in history has ever been as well trained or as well equipped as a Mobile Infantry trooper, they are still human - and for all its qualities, humanity is a physically frail form of life. Despite the best equipment and training, there are some places a trooper cannot go - and for those situations there is the CHAS unit.

"We just got us a whole new toybox."
Private Brasier, Bad Blood part 2

Lord Lo'Phon

Lo'Phon from Starship Troopers Bad Blood by Paul GreenLo'Phon holds his position by right of might alone. He is a monster and a tyrant and sometimes that knowledge weighs heavily upon him.

His people have been enslaved by the Arachnids for generations, and after many long years Lo'Phon has returned to his native world with an army, finally seeking an end to the blood feud.

In a shocking turn of events, he finds his beloved brother brutally killed by a race of powerful alien warriors in a bloody first contact situation.

"Forgive me, brother. Revenge is a poor apology for the protection I owed you."
Alien Tyrant Lo'Phon Bad Blood part 3

The Reaper Cell

The Reaper Cell from Starship Troopers: Triple Threat by Scott JamesBreakaway militias, separatist groups and other dissidents often threaten to bring chaos to the ordered calm of Federation worlds.

When Vanauken's Vandals are dispatched to retrieve a newly developed weapon of mass destruction from a Civilian Militia stronghold, crucial information about the nature of the device is witheld from them.

The Reaper Cell consists of a group of young psychics, kidnapped and forged into a weapon to strike at the very heart of the Federation.

"Take them in, or take them out. It makes no difference to me."
Lt Nichola Vanauken, Starship Troopers: Triple Threat part 2


Lemmy the NeoDog. Starship Troopers War Stories:Tasch. Art by Neil Van Antwerpen and Peter David DouglasThe NeoDogs of the K-9 Corps are genetically and cybernetically augmented animals, with enhanced physical attributes and greatly increased intelligence. They are capable of limited speech, and the MkII model is equipped with a Trench Sweeper laser emitter, mounted on its armoured chassis.

Trackers without equal, Neodogs are bonded to a specialist handler for life. A symbiotic implant connects the body and mind of dog and handler with a link that is broken only in death.

"Flush 'em out, Big Dog. Bring the Bugs to Momma."
Private Naomi Tasch, NeoDog Handler

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