FAQ - Cy Dethan

How can I contact you?
Email me at cy@cydethan.com

Can I get review copies of your work?
Usually, yes.

If you are a journalist, reviewer or podcaster and would like a review copy of any of my books please contact me.

Can I use images from your work on website / in my reviews, etc?
Normally there should be no problem with this.

Images from the preview pages on this site can be used to accompany reviews. However, if you wish to use them for any other purpose please contact me to check before doing so, as I am not always able to grant permission personally and may have to refer to the publisher.

Are you available for interviews / quotes, etc?
Sure, why not? If you wish to include other members of a book's creative team I can probably help to arrange that as well.

Are you looking for artists to work with?
Almost certainly. I am always looking for artists for my own scripts, and am interested to hear from artists with ideas looking for a writer.

If you would like to talk about working together, then please get in touch.