Starship Troopers: Bad Blood Issue One

Read the complete first issue of Starship Troopers: Bad Blood online, courtesy of Markosia Publications.

"Starship Troopers seems reinvigorated under Dethan's command and I see this as the best ST storyline to date."
Glenn Carter, Comics Village.

Starship Troopers: Bad Blood Issue 1
Sex, Bugs and Rock 'n Roll: Welcome to the Jungle

Starship Troopers returns in an explosion of Sex, Bugs and Rock 'n Roll! An elite Pathfinder platoon storms the Arachnid-infested jungles of Farsteldt, where a savage ambush catapults them into a knife-edge First Contact situation. The Bug War just gained an unpredictable new player! Spectacular new story arc with newcomers Cy Dethan and Paul Green creating a stunning new look to the much-loved Troopers Universe.

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Writer: Cy Dethan, Artist: Paul Green, Letterer: Tom Mauer, Publisher: Markosia Publications

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