Bug Report

At the time of Starship Troopers the arachnids are the greatest threat ever faced by mankind. A space faring insectoid race, seemingly willing to settle for nothing less than the annhilliation of the human race. With extinction threatened this is no longer just a war, but a fight for survival.

More bug types are being discovered all the time, battle by battle. It almost seems as if the Arachnids are able to evolve new species at will.

Control Bug

Control Bug from Starship Troopers: Bad Blood by Paul GreenThe control bugs were first discovered close to the research facility on the planet of Farsteldt. It appears that that there was some kind of symbiosis between the bug and the alient host to which it was attached.

Although research has not been completed it appears from deep lacerations on the neck of the host that the mandibular assembly of the bug is extruded directly from the brainstem and allows an interface with the nervous system of the host.

"What in the name of balls is that?"
Sergeant Janice Campanelli, Bad Blood part 2

Warrior Bug

Warrior bugs, Bad Blood part 4 by Paul GreenThe Warrior bug is the mainstay of the Arachnid army. When thinking of "bugs" it is most commonly the Warriors with which the general human population is familiar.

The Warriors are currently collectively responsible for the depths of more troopers than all the other known species combined.

It appears that the Warriors are easy to breed and capable of fighting in many types of terrain and environmental conditions, perhaps even in space.

Having no fear or desires or ambitions and mindlessly subservient the Warrior bug is in many ways the perfect soldier. Sicon can only dream of such unquestioning obedience.

Swarms of Warriors, thousands strong, have been observed on battle fields across the galaxy.

"If you want it, you fight for it."
Alien Captain, Bad Blood part 4

Spider Bug

Spider bug from Starship Troopers: Bad Blood issue 1 cover by Paul GreenWhile conducting a reconnaisance sortie into the jungle on Farsteldt the Vandals came under attack from a swarm of vicious spider bugs.

The Spider bugs live high in the tree tops in jungle-type envirnoments, from where they ambush their prey . A spider bug is easily capable of taking down a full grown human and tearing the body apart with a vicious rending bite.

Like earth spiders these bugs can spin tough webs in which they can trap creatures far larger than themselves. If caught in a spider bug web a human not in a Mobile Infantry Power Suit would have no chance of breaking free.

Spider bugs can also inject a paralysing poison into their victims, which they then carry away alive.

"The attacks are...unconventional in nature, you see. We didn't suspect arachnid involvement until the first spiders attacked."
Dr Getty, Head of Research, Farsteldt Facility, Bad Blood part 1


Blister Bug

Blister Bug. Starship Troopers War Stories: Tasch. Art by Neil Van Antwerpen and Peter David DouglasThe Blister bug is a classic example of how the arachnids adapt new sub-species to fulfil specific tasks.

Blister bugs attack at long range, shooting arcs of an acidic mucus, generated deep within the thorax.  This acid is capable of melting through even the armour of Marauder suits, making the blister bugs almost always lethal to standard Mobile Infantry.

"We hold it until they're either safe or dead, Private. We owe them that much."
MI Sergeant, War Stories: Tasch 

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