Bayou Arcana

Bayou Arcana is an anthology of stories set in and around the great swamp of the title. The book is the brainchild of James Pearson and the debut volume, Songs Of Loss And Redemption, has the unusual twist of having all male writers and all female artists making up the creative teams.

A little love story entitled Swamp Pussy And The Hanged Man is my contribution to this volume, with art and letters by Nic Wilkinson. 

Swamp Pussy from Bayou Arcana by Nic WilkinsonWith his final breath, a hanged man curses the faithless lover who betrayed him to his death. Disfigured and transformed, the woman lives a hundred years in the shadow of the Hanged Man’s tree – the Weeping Witch of the Great Arcana. The curse decrees that men will forever be drawn to her and that all who see her will love her. She will never be free until her own heart is broken as the Hanged Man’s was. 

After a century, a true Man of Destiny arrives in the swamp - an American soldier on the brink of death. Delirious and desperate, the Man of Destiny strikes a hasty bargain with the Great Arcana, surrendering his heart in exchange for his life...


Bayou Arcana: Songs of Loss and Redemption is slated for release on 2012 through Markoisa Publications and can be pre-ordered through their website


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