About Cy Dethan

So, as I’m frequently asked, who the Hell do I think I am?

Well, the first part’s easy. My name’s Cy Dethan and I’m a freelance writer and editor. Until 2006, the bulk of my professional writing was focused on corporate and governmental brochures and websites. Let’s put it this way: if your company has had any dealings with standardisation bodies in the last few years, chances are there’s a little splinter of me working its way toward your heart right now...

Lieutenant Pritchard - Starship Troopers:Extinction Protocol by Nic Wilkinson

In August of 2006 I seized an opportunity to take a neck-cranking left turn in my career path, when I unexpectedly convinced Mongoose Publishing to run a Starship Troopers comic strip in their monthly online magazine, Signs & Portents. Actually, that’s over-simplifying things a bit. I was originally scheduled to write a follow-up trilogy of graphic novels to Tony Lee’s seminal break-out piece, Blaze of Glory. As things shook out, Tony’s books were broken up and published as a monthly series by AAM/Markosia, and my story evolved into my first professional comics gig: Starship Troopers - Extinction Protocol. Happy times all round.

In February 2007, I signed up to a comics social networking site called ComicSpace. It was through this site that I originally encountered Insomnia Publications. I’d already heard good things about Insomnia from the excellent people at Canterbury’s Whatever Comics, so when they invited me to pitch them a story, I dived right in. So began what was to become my first creator-owned graphic novel, Cancertown.

Then came the Bristol Comics Expo 2007. Having had a fantastic weekend, I was making literally my last trip round the convention hall while waiting for my girlfriend to finish talking to Bryan Talbot. I spotted Tony Lee, by then the Group Editor of AAM/Markosia, and went over for a chat. I was surprised to walk away from that conversation with the news that Tony was considering stepping down as writer of the Markosia book, and a solid invitation to pitch for the job. One mad flurry later, my appointment was confirmed and I was writing my first arc, Bad Blood.

A year later, the concluding part of Bad Blood hit the shelves and it’s been a Hell of a ride so far. As for what the future holds, I’m just going to wait and see when I get there. What do I look like, a Magic fucking Eight-Ball?

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