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Starship Troopers: Triple Threat page 2 panel 4. Pencils and inks - Scott James. Colours - Alex Johns and Scott James. Letters - Thomas MauerStarship Troopers: Triple Threat is a two-part story, taking place before the events of Bad Blood, and featuring segments from three different writer/artist teams.

My sequence is drawn by the incredible Scott James, Tony Lee’s by his previous Troopers collaborator, Neil Edwards and Christian Beranek’s by Jim Boswell.

Triple Threat is the story of a mission gone badly wrong. Vanauken’s Vandals are sent to the planet Paloma to destroy a WMD developed by the dangerous Civilian Militia terrorist group. Unknown to SICON, the so-called Reaper Cell weapon is composed of a team of kidnapped psychics – children forged into a devastating instrument of destruction. While the Vandals break into the development facility, Tanner’s Tigers race to intercept them before the weapon can be triggered. With chaos erupting all around, the Reaper Cell children stage a bloody, desperate escape bid.

Pretty cool, huh?

Putting something like this together is a lot like trying to stuff three genies into one bottle. Chaotic, insane and a Hell of a lot of fun.

The image on the right is Issue 1 page 2 panel 4 and shows the Vandals Plan B kicking into action.


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